Beehive Poets Calendar


Guest Readers and Programme 

poetry readings start at 8.00 for 8.30 p.m.

2019 Guest Reader  November 11th.

Florence Remmer

Florence will be delighting us by reading from her wonderful books of poems about the animals. insects and flora who dwell in Tulgey Wood. We may hear about the Bag Snatching Ferrets, and a Soft Hearted Duck among others. Hopefully she will include what she refers to as, “her more serious poems”. Her quirky and infectious sense of humour guarantee a lovely evening and perhaps by then the very nervous mice will find a safe way of letting go of the Cats’ Whiskers.


Steve King

Steve his one of the most  unsung poets that I know. He has the highest of standards for poets and mostly for himself. He is on a continuous task of improvement of work that already goes far beyond the current norm for contemporary poetry. He brings a stunning energy and unique voice to themes that are at the heart of modern living. Largely inspired by film and travel his is a voice not to be missed on this rare public reading of his impressive work.

 Monday 21st. October

Read Around

Bring poems to read and share good conversation in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Monday 28th. October

Poetry Workshop.

Bring at least six copies of a poem that you are working on or editing or something that you wish to improve and receive generous and constructive criticism. Followed by a read around.